Irina Izambert


Trained in classical and contemporary dance at the Regional Conservatory in Saint-Maur, and in parallel of a full music education, Irina Izambert enters the Marseille Ballet Conservatory in 2001. She acquired an all-round training in dancing techniques and in 2003, she joined the National Ballet of Marseille, under the artistic direction of M-C Pietragalla.

Passionate about stage performing and choreographing, she pursues her professional path in Germany as a professional dancer then as an artistic assistant at the Grand Theater in Luxembourg. She holds the National Dance Teaching diploma from the Jennifer Goubé European Dance Center in Paris.

She is dedicated to teaching in many conservatories and private dance schools for kids and adults.

She acquired the floor barre work according to Boris Kniaseff technique: “ Making the students work on the floor, strengthen the muscular chains, the lower limbs, the back and the arms, for a body posture lasting improvement and a seamless sheathing”.

Today, she works with the AFA Danse and other parisian schools.