Lauriane Viale


Daughter of a sports teacher, Lauriane Viale began her apprenticeship by assisting her mother with her summer holiday beach camp.  After reaching top competition level in gymnastics, she turned to Jazz dance.

Awarded Gold at the French Dance Federation competition, Lauriane joins their youth company and works with many international choreographers.

At the same time, so as to share and pass on her passion, she trains in teaching and obtains her diploma as Federal Coach in gymnastics, a degree Sports Science and Technique and the National Diploma in dance.

She sees her method as evolving permanently through practice with her students.  She has now been teaching for 6 years at the American Academy of Dance in Paris where she works alongside many talented teachers and choreographers.  Since 2013, Lauriane is also trainer-choreographer at En Avant Paris, a gymnastics club, and AFA Danse dance teacher.