Alexia Pau


Alexia Pau is a professional dancer.  She is a graduate of the Nutmeg Ballet Conservatory (with a specialisation in Vaganova Method) in the US and gained her French National diploma (Diplome D’Etat) in Paris. 

She was a pupil of Jenny Sandler, Christele Venet, Rodolphe Fouillot, and of the Dance Art Faculty in Rome, under the direction of choreographer Mauro Astolfi. She also participated in the international workshops of the American Ballet Theatre, the Boston Ballet and Lines Ballet.

Now a professional dancer, Alexia works with companies such as Polypous, Mouvance d’Arts, le Ballet Ethery Pagava, La B’compagnie and France Opera.  She is also involved in special projects, most recently with José Montalvo and Jean Guillaume Weis.     

She gained her French National Diploma in ballet at the Centre National de la Danse, and she is in charge of the school pedagogy and the artistic approach.